Downtime Application Form

    Please complete this form to request studio downtime

    Quid-pro-quo, Clarice. We need you to put an hour or two aside on the day to nurture the studio to show the studio some love and leave it BETTER than you found it.
    [note: "it was already great when I got there!" doesn't count... do something else and report that instead]
    You could:

    • Set up and test all mic stands, taking any broken stands to the workshop

    • Check through all cable hooks in the machine room and reorganising so they're mega tidy

    • Run tone through each channel of the console, logging faults as you go

    • Test all the outboard in the room - maybe you'll pick up a new trick!

    • Go through faults logged for that studio, verifying them... can you replicate them? or were they session gremlins? (be sure to comment on the Trello card)

    • Maybe the mic cupboard was feeling flakey, or the drum cage a bit full when you got in. Could you spend an hour working through that for everybody's benefit?

    • Or something else entirely! seriously, have a think, you use the studio more than we do.......

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