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Strongroom 2


Following a period as Nigel Godrich’s private facility, SR2 was relaunched in 2018 as a joint venture with Nigel. Refurbished with a minimalist approach, featuring a selection of artwork and memorabilia from Nigel’s personal collection, Strongroom 2 brings offers an alternative aesthetic for those in search of a contemporary feel with greater environmental control.

  • Studio 2 is a great sounding control room and a perfect home for my mixing setup. I love working there. It is a calm focused oasis.

    Nigel Godrich
    (Radiohead, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney)
  • Studio 2 has been home of some of the biggest influences in my career. I love working here, it gives me a great sense of peace and harmony.

    Ricky Damian
    Recording & Mixing Engineer
    (Mark Ronson, Jorja Smith, Sampha)
  • SR2 is a perfect environment for recording vocals, with top class mics and awesome staff!

    Cameron Gower-Poole
    Vocal Producer & Recording Engineer
    (Anne-Marie, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora)
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A sneak peak behind the doors of Strongroom 2!

Technical Specifications

Centered around a Dalcon console designed by Bill Putnam, and with the Strongroom-staple Boxer main monitors, the studio also offers Kii Audio, NS10 and Auratone nearfields and a selection of classic vintage synthesizers. The booth houses a Wendel & Lung upright piano with a clear line of sight to the mix position and exterior windows. An HD projector shines behind the mix position for mixing to picture, and optional coloured lighting with low-noise dimmers allow for full lighting customisation.

A 32 I/O Pro Tools HDX2 system with an exhaustive list of plugins runs tirelessly on a Mac Studio M2 Ultra or, for the analogue fans, a 3M 24-track tape machine and oodles of classic compressors. Outboard effects include AMS, Eventide, Roland and a stunning stereo EMT 140 plate reverb.

Equipment List

  • Dalcon (32 Channels) with GML fader automation
  • Coastal Acoustics Boxer T5
  • Kii THREE
  • Yamaha NS10 (with BK XXLS400 sub)
  • Auratone C5
  • 12-channel headphones mixer
    Pro Tools & Converters
  • Pro Tools HDX2 (32 in / 32 out)
  • Apogee Rosetta 200
    Computer Specs
  • Apple Mac Studio
  • M2 Ultra 60-core
  • 128GB RAM 1TB SSD
  • macOS Sonoma
    Tape Machine
  • 3M M79 24 track 2″on request
  • Studer A800 MkIII 16 and 24 track 2″on request
  • Ampex ATR 102 two track 1/2″on request
  • Avid Sync HD
    Mic Preamps and EQs
  • 1 x API 512b
  • 1 x API 512c
  • 12 x API 550A
  • API 560b
  • 2 x Burl B1
  • 2 x Cranborne Audio Camden 500
  • 2 x Hairball Audio Lola
  • Eventide Omnipressor
  • Smart Research C2
  • Spectrasonics 610
  • Urei LA-10
  • 3x Urei 1176LN
    Reverbs and Effects
  • DeltaLab Effectron II
  • Eventide H9000
  • EMT 140 Plate Reverb
  • MXR ø1 digital reverb
  • Roland DC-30
  • Roland SPH-323
  • Moog Minimoog Model D
  • Moog Subsequent 37
  • Powertran Transcendent 2000
  • Roland Juno 60
  • Wendl & Lung 122 upright piano
    Software and Plugins
  • Antares Auto Tune Pro
  • Apple Logic X
  • Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL
  • BombFactory all bundles
  • Digidesign Re-Vibe
  • Eventide Anthology II
  • Fabfilter Total
  • FXpansion BFD 2
  • iZotope RX6
  • McDSP Filterbank
  • Melodyne Editor 4
  • ProTools HD 10/11/12
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors – Virtual Mix Rack – Trigger
  • Softube Studio Collection
  • Serato Pitch n Time Pro
  • Sonnox EQ w/GML option
  • SoundToys 5
  • Synchroarts Vocalign
  • TC Master X3
  • UAD Octo card with pretty much everything
  • Valhalla DSPeverything
  • Waves Abbey Road Collection – Center – CLA Classic Compressors & Signature Series – Diamond – In-Phase – Tape, Tubes & Transistors – Vocal Rider

The Strongroom 2 Playlist

A selection of instant classics (and a few legendary anthems) made recently in this very room!

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