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Strongroom 3


Spacious, comfortable, and with a reputation as one of the most accurate sounding mix rooms in Europe. SR3 was designed and built by White Mark in 1997, around the classic SSL 4056 G+ console and Strongroom-staple Boxer monitoring. Nearfield monitors including ATC SCM25A and Yamaha NS10s with a Genelc 1092 sub.

The live room and booth make the studio perfect for both vocal and full band tracking sessions, plus a mouth-watering collection of historic synths and drum machines to compliment any production session.

  • Studio 3 is such a creative and colourful spaceship, one of my favourite and most inspiring places to create in London with the best choice between vintage and modern equipment.

    Ricky Damian
    Recording / Mix Engineer
    (Mark Ronson, Jorja Smith, Sampha)
  • The control room is inspiring and fun to work in. The recording room has a short, well balanced ambience to it - perfect for recording vocals, guitars etc.

    Peter Walsh
    Producer / Engineer
    (Scott Walker, Spandau Ballet, Pulp)
  • Amazing to work in and results are always great. My idea of what a good room should sound like.

    Nick Terry
    Mix Engineer
    (Simian Mobile Disco, Klaxons, The Libertines)
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A sneak peak behind the doors of Strongroom 3!

Technical Specifications

A 48 I/O Pro Tools HDX2 system with Hear Back personal monitoring mixers and long list of plug ins keeps sessions running efficiently; for analogue fans there’s an Otari MTR90 24 track tape machine and choice of Ampex or Otari 2 track. A comprehensive selection of outboard processors is available in the racks and an EMT plate reverb is permanently installed, with a range of effects, toys and instruments available on request, including a selection of classic analogue synths (Juno, Jupiter, Moog, OSCar etc).

Equipment List

  • SSL 4056 G+with automation via Ultimation & Total Recall or THD Labs Tangerine
  • Coastal Acoustics Boxer 5 series
  • ATC SCM25A
  • Yamaha NS10
  • Hear Technologies HearBack personal monitoring system
    Pro Tools & Converters
  • Avid HDX2 (48 in / 48 out)
  • Prism Dream AD-124
  • Prism Dream DA-1
    Computer Specs
  • Apple Mac Studio
  • M2 Ultra 60-core
  • 128GB RAM 1TB SSD
  • macOS Sonoma
    Tape Machines
  • Otari MTR 90 MK 2, 24 Track 2″ (on request)
  • Otari MTR 12 (on request)
  • Ampex ATR102 2 Track 1/2″ (on request)
  • Studer A80 (on request)
  • Avid Sync HD
  • Konnektor SSL to DAW Interface
  • Timeline Lynx with Motionworker
    Mic Preamps and EQs
  • 2 x API 512c
  • 2 x API 550b
  • Focusrite 315
  • Focusrite 215
  • GML 8200 EQ
  • Manley CORE
  • 2 x Neve 1073LB
  • Thermionic Culture EarlyBird
  • 2 x dbx 160A
  • 2 x Drawmer 201 Gates
  • Neve 33609/C
  • Prism Maselec Series MLA-2
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix
  • 2 x Urei 1176LN
  • AMS RMX16
  • EMT 140 Stereo Tube Plate
  • Lexicon 224XL
  • TC Electronic M5000
  • Yamaha PRO R3
    Digital Delays
  • AMS 1580S
  • Roland SDE3000
  • Roland SDE3000A
  • Roland SDE330
  • Arturia Beatstep Pro
  • Dave Smith Mopho
  • Fender Rhodes 73 Mark 1with Peavey Delta Blues amp
  • Moog Minimoog Model D
  • Oxford Synthesiser Company – OSCar
  • Roland Jupiter 8
  • Roland 707
  • Trace Elliot TE1048H 4×10
  • Trace Elliot 1518 1×15
  • Vermona DRM1 MKiii
    Effects Processors
  • Eventide H3000 SE (DSE/DSX software)
  • Mutronics Mutator
  • MXR Flanger/Doubler
  • Roland Dimension D
  • Sherman Filterbank
  • Sony M7
  • TC M2000 Wizard
  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture
  • Yamaha SPX 990
    Software and Plugins
  • Antares Auto Tune Evo
  • Apple Logic X
  • Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL
  • BombFactory all bundles
  • Celemony Melodyne Editor 4
  • Digidesign Re-Vibe
  • Eventide Anthology II
  • Fabfilter Total
  • FXpansion BFD 2
  • iZotope RX6
  • McDSP Filterbank
  • Melodyne Editor 4
  • ProTools HD 10/11/12
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors – Virtual Mix Rack – Trigger
  • Softube Studio Collection
  • Serato Pitch n Time Pro
  • Sonnox EQ w/GML option
  • Soundtoys 5
  • Synchroarts Vocalign
  • TC Master X3
  • UAD Octo card with pretty much everything
  • Valhalla DSPeverything
  • Waves 360º Surround Tools – Abbey Road Collection – Center – CLA Classic Compressors & Signature Series – In-Phase – Restoration – Tape, Tubes & Transistors – Vocal Rider – WLM Loudness Meter

The Strongroom 3 Playlist

A selection of instant classics (and a few legendary anthems) made recently in this very room!

Strongroom 2

Peaceful, contemporary, minimal; Strongroom with a difference.

view Strongroom 2
Strongroom 4

Cosy, comfortable and contemporary. A seemless, modern workflow in a bright daylit studio, tucked away from the world.

view Strongroom 4



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