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This is where it all began. Featuring a phenomenal sounding double-height live room and a massive Neve VR60 console, SR1 is the premium Strongroom experience.

With capacity for full band, classic or jazz ensembles, drum recording, piano or vocal sessions, and additional booth and isolation areas, this is a prime choice for a wide range of projects. Jamie Reid visuals and plenty of natural light contribute to the comfortable environment where countless hit records have been produced for over 30 years.

  • For me there is no better room in London. Over the past 4 years, this is the room I have used for the vast majority of music I have mixed and produced. Not only is a great mixing room, it's also a fantastic versatile recording space.

    Ben Baptie
    Producer / Engineer
    (Adele, U2, Rex Orange County)
  • Studio 1 just sounds great, and now that the pillar has gone it has another level of versatility.

    Charlie Andrew
    Producer / Engineer
    (alt-J, Bloc Party, Marika Hackman)
  • The live room sounds great with a controllable but definite character that we exploited so it is an intrinsic part of 'RELAXER'. 5 stars would go again!

    Brett Cox
    (alt-J, Jack Garrett, Tusks)
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A sneak peak behind the doors of Strongroom 1!

Technical Specifications

In the control room, acoustics by Harris Grant and Boxer/Chevin monitoring combine to create an exceptional listening space, with a choice of ATC SCM50 and Yamaha NS10 near fields. The Neve VR60 Legend, with Encore automation & Total Recall, offers legendary sonic quality and versatility. A 56 I/O Pro Tools HDX2 with Hear Back personal monitoring mixers, and a comprehensive list of plug ins runs on an Ultra fast M2 Mac Studio. Analogue recording is handled by two 24-track Studer A800s and a choice of Ampex ATR102 or Otari MTR12 ½”. Two EMT plate reverbs and an array of outboard processors are permanently installed into portable racking with a further selection of spring reverbs, tape delays and other toys available on request.

Equipment List

  • Neve VR60 Legend with Encore+ Automation, Total Recall, Events & Dynamic Metering
  • Coastal Acoustics Boxer 5
  • ATC SCM50with Genelec sub
  • Yamaha NS10Bryston amp
  • Hear Technologies HearBack personal monitoring system
    Pro Tools & Converters
  • Pro Tools HDX2 (56 in / out)
  • Prism Dream AD-124
  • Prism Dream DA-1
    Computer Specs
  • Apple Mac Studio
  • M2 Ultra 60-core
  • 128GB RAM 1TB SSD
  • macOS Sonoma
    Tape Machines
  • Studer A800 MkIII 16 and 24 track 2″on request
  • Ampex ATR 102 two track 1/2″on request
  • Avid Sync HD
  • Timeline Lynx with Motionworker
    Mic Preamps and EQs
  • 4 x API 512c
  • 2 x API 550b
  • Cartec Pre-Q5
  • 2 x Neve 88R LB
  • Hairball Audio Lola
  • GML 8200
  • Thermionic Culture Earlybird
  • Thermionic Culture Pullet
  • Tube Tech PE1B
  • 2 x dbx 160 VU
  • 2 x dbx 160 XT
  • 2 x Empirical Labs Distressor with British Mod
  • Neve 33609
  • Smart Research C1
  • Tube Tech CL1B
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix 11th Anniversary
  • 2 x Urei 1176 LN
  • Lexicon 480L
  • AMS RMX 16
  • EMT 240 Stereo Plate
  • EMT 140 Mono Valve Plate
    Digital Delay
    Effects Processors
  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture
  • Eventide H3500 SE (DSE/DSX software)
  • Kawai Grand Piano
  • Hammond A100with Leslie cabinet
  • Fender Bassmanwith Pyramid cabinet
    Software and Plugins
  • Antares Auto Tune 7
  • Apple Logic X
  • Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL
  • BombFactory all bundles
  • Celemony Melodyne Editor 4
  • Digidesign Re-Vibe
  • Eventide Anthology II
  • Fabfilter Total
  • FXpansion BFD 2
  • iZotope RX6
  • McDSP Filterbank
  • Melodyne Editor 4
  • ProTools HD 10/11/12
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors – Virtual Mix Rack – Trigger
  • Softube Studio Collection
  • Serato Pitch n Time Pro
  • Sonnox EQ w/GML option
  • Soundtoys 5
  • Synchroarts Vocalign
  • TC Master X3
  • UAD Octo card with pretty much everything
  • Valhalla DSPeverything
  • Waves 360º Surround Tools – Abbey Road Collection – Center – CLA Classic Compressors & Signature Series – InPhase – Platinum – Tapes, Tubes & Transistors – Vocal Rider – WLM Meter

The Strongroom 1 Playlist

A selection of instant classics (and a few legendary anthems) made recently in this very room!

Strongroom 2

Peaceful, contemporary, minimal; Strongroom with a difference.

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Strongroom 3

Versatile, celebrated, and impeccable-sounding mix & production suite.

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