Situated on the first floor, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the courtyard & soaking the room in natural light, Strongroom 4 is one of the most relaxed and comfortable studios in town.

Redeveloped in 2013 in conjunction with producer Danton Supple, the studio is based around an ex-BBC Calrec Q-Series console, alongside a fantastic range of outboard mic pres, compressors and EQs, making it ideal for writing, recording, overdubbing, and mixing. The live room houses a characterful vintage Chappell upright piano, and has become renowned for it’s intimate drum sound.

The choice of Calrec console provides a characterful and adaptable front-end; the room is designed for ease of use, either in an ‘in-the-box’ configuration or with a traditional console-based workflow and an adjoining live area with as excellent line of sight to the mix position making it perfect for vocal sessions and voice-overs.

With Strongroom’s usual attention to technical detail, Studio 4 is a versatile, but simple and enjoyable studio to use and a solid choice for a wide range of projects.


“Studio four was designed to create an ergonomic work space in a beautiful light filled room. The recording area has perfect line of sight to the desk and sounds great. Despite its size, it is my favourite drum room.”
– Danton Supple, producer / mix engineer (Coldplay, Morrissey, U2, Ian Brown)


Equipment list


Calrec Q Series Desk (28 Channels)


Genelec 8351A (with SAM Room Calibration)
Yamaha NS10s with QUAD 606
Pure Evoke 2XT DAB Radio
Crane Song Avocet Mk1 Monitor Controller

Pro Tools & Converters

Pro Tools HDX2 (16 in / 32 out)
BURL B2 Bomber ADC

Computer Specs

Mac Pro 5,1
2.4 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
64 GB DDR3
ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
OS X 10.10.5

Tape Machine

Revox PR99 MKIII 1/4″ Reel to Reel Tape Machine


Avid Sync HD







Mic Pre-amps & EQs

Avalon VT737sp
Cartec Pre-Q5
8x D.A.V. Electronics The Broadhurst Gardens No.8
2x Drawmer 1960
Manley Massive Passive
Meris 440
2x Neve 1081
Summit Audio TD-100 DI
8x True Systems Precision 8


API 2500
Chandler TG1
DBX 118
2x DBX 160X
2x Drawmer 1960
Empirical Labs Distressor
Manley Vari-Mu
SSL Stereo Bus Comp
Summit TLA100
Teletronix LA-2

Reverbs & Effects

2x Dolby System 361 A-Type Noise Reduction
TC Electronics M2000
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Mastering Plus
WEM Copycat Tape Delay
Yamaha REV-1
Yamaha SPX-990


Chappell upright piano
Yamaha DX-7


Software & Plug-ins

Antares Auto Tune Evo
Apple Logic X
Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL
BombFactory all bundles
Celemony Melodyne Editor 4
Digidesign Re-Vibe
Eventide Anthology II
Fabfilter Total
FXpansion BFD 2
iZotope RX6
McDSP Filterbank
Melodyne Editor 4
ProTools HD 10/11/12
Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors – Virtual Mix Rack – Trigger
Softube Studio Collection
Serato Pitch n Time Pro
Sonnox EQ w/GML option
SoundToys Native FX
TC Master X3
UAD Octo card with pretty much everything
Valhalla DSP Room – VintageVerb – Shimmer – Ubermod – Freq Echo – Plate
Waves  Abbey Road Collection – Center – CLA Classic Compressors & Signature Series – In-Phase – Platinum – Tape, Tubes & Transistors – Vocal Rider






Large selection of mics, synths, effects, pedals and toys available on request. Click here for details. 

Downloadable studio floorplan and information sheet available from here